CuteWeather was my first iOS app. I was able to build this app in 2 weeks, right before iOS launched their widget feature as part of iOS 14. The app was a big success and was ranked in the top 5 paid apps in the weather category in a lot of countries (Great Britain, China, ...). Because of this I had to translate the app in 6 different languages (even Chinese). On a special weekend where users could get the app for free I could generate ~25k downloads.

Because of the good app store rankings, companies contacted me if I would consider selling the app which I did just one month after the launch.

My role

  • Creator, developer, everything ...
  • Design
  • Backend
  • iOS app
  • User support
  • Legal contracts regarding the sell
  • Product Management

Tools / Technologies

  • .NET Core
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Swift UI
  • Figma